Choosing a Chatbot: Making the Right Choice

Choosing a chatbot platform for your business can be a complicated decision, but it doesn’t have to be. In our last Insights post, we discussed some of the reasons behind the recent uptick in chatbot adoption and how choosing a chatbot can streamline your business—especially when it comes to customer support. This week, we thought…
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Rise of the Chatbots: An Overview

The robot chatbot uprising has begun. Between Siri, Alexa, and a slew of other platforms, chatbots are quickly changing the traditional customer experience. In some cases, chatbots have even replaced human assistants altogether—but what do customers think? While opinions tend to vary, they still provide promising insights for businesses trying to streamline their customer experience…
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Storing Labeled Data: 10 Best Practices

After labeling your dataset, you’ll need to choose a method for storing labeled data. This is easier said than done, however—as your datasets inevitably grow and you start identifying new solutions, you may quickly find yourself outpacing traditional storage methods. This situation is becoming especially prevalent, with many datasets now containing millions of individual datapoints…
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Top 3 Data Science Platforms

As your datasets grow, the traditional machine learning process becomes increasingly inefficient. With potentially billions of individual data points to process, automation is often a necessary next step for any growing AI project. Thankfully, there are several data science platforms capable of making automation a breeze. However, questions remain: When should you automate machine learning,…
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Introducing Innovaite Insights

Welcome to Innovaite Insights! Thanks for stopping by. Every week, we’ll discuss a topic related to the impact of AI on business. These topics might include AI platform guides, case studies, industry news, implementation strategies, and much more. At Innovaite, our mission is to help your business use AI to meet its goals. We hope…
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